HM Queen Sonja & Håvard Homstvedt


HM Queen Sonja and Håvard Homstvedt started their collaboration in March 2022.
Both artists wished to support the Queen Sonja Print Award Foundation, through a shared project, where the starting point was still life, interiors and the familiar. The exhibition wad first shown in Stavanger, then in Trondheim, in Oslo and now in Bodø.
The project's title "Mellom rom", literally means "the room in-between". It may refer to a physical shape, but may also connote the more abstract, in the interval or interlude.
Conceivably, suggesting distance and proximity or expressing the time or space between two stages or states. Maybe it is a breathing space or, in this case, a balancing point between two artistic practices, a meeting place for artistic partnership, where two artists meet, discuss, adjust, and explore.
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